Magnesium Sulphate Nebules 185mg in 3ml

Magnesium sulphate nebuliser solution 185mg in 3ml



We have had primary packaging problems with the screw caps for the Magnesium Sulphate nebuliser solution 185mg in 3ml.


Given these problems we have suspended manufacture and are conducting a full product quality review.


In the mean time, there are no other suppliers of this product either NHS or commercial sector. As we are the only manufacturer we will be seeking support a partner for contingency manufacturing. Unfortunately this won’t help in the short term.


The only alternative I can suggest is to use either


  • Magnesium sulphate injection 50% with Water for Injections- 1ml to 8ml
  • Magnesium sulphate injection 10% with Water for Injections – 5ml to 8ml


Please accept our apologies for the interruption in supply. We are working to resume a normal service as soon as possible.